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Sire Reference

  • Dalmally Prince


Birth Date  16/09/2001

Brand :   TU8 63/2

Grade:  Purebred


Sold to KFC & SA Stretton of Blackbutt.

   Marbling  Tenderness4  Feed Efficiency



                                     Mungalla Double Up  (P) RMD74463M  D5

                            Greenacres Double Up Dan  (P) T7R883019M  D5

                                                                   Greenacres A Gillian  (P)  61R811050F  D5

            Sire: Garthowen Brett 2  (P)  (AI)  KAD93650M  D5

                                                                       Wingfield Prentice  (S)  V1385988M  D5

                                               Garthowen Wynne  (P) KAD89551F  D5

                                                                        Glanroal Dot  (H)  JFW76633F  D4


                                                                      Sunny View Prince  (P)  GP387665M  D4

                                              Albert Downs  44/1  (P)  BMC9144M  D5

                                                                 Sunnyview Trinity  9th.  (D) GP386629F  D5

            Dam: Miloom Indigo  (P)  UT894349F  D5

                                                                     Sunny View Omega  (P) GP386630M  D4

                                              Miloom Dapper  (P)  UP889195F  D5

                                                                     Miloom 138  (P)  UT886138F  D5