Birth Date  20/06/90

Brand:  V13 334/1  


Wingfield Krypton was purchased in 1993 for $28,000.00. We selected this bull for his tremendous length, his superb temperament, his balance of muscle & bone, and structural soundness He has proven to be a prolific sire and a  herd improver, passing his many attributes and qualities on to his progeny. He was worked in the herd till he was 13 years old. We are now selectively using his semen. 



                                        Mungalla Double Up (P) 16784 D5  

                            Greenacres A Ely (S) 20349 D4

                                                                      Greenacres Primrose  2nd (P)  16503  D3

     Sire: Greenacres Juilien  (D) 23016   D4

                                                                       Santa Brahma Freelance (H) 6256 D3

                                                     Greenacres Primrose (H) 13084 D3 

                                                                        Greenacres Sweetheart (P) 6803 D2


                                                                          Strathfield Garrick (P) 12871 D4

                                                    Stathfield Monarch (P) 16305 D5

                                                                           Strathfield Regina 4th (S) 16416D4

       Dam: Wingfield Kia-Ora (P) 34804 D4

                                                                  Jadma Duke 225 (H) 14027 D4

                                                    Wingfield Calamity (P) 22959 D3

                                                                              Wingfield 40 (P) 15082 D2