Truvalle Quarry




Birth Date:  06/09/03

Ident No: LN8 043169M   

Brand: LN8 3169


Grade: Purebred

Truvalle Quarry has had a successful show career from his first entry at the Gatton Futurity in 2005, winning Champion Droughtmaster Bull. He went on from there to win a  variety of ribbons including that of Reserve Grand Champion Tropical Bull. Later in the show circuit, Beef 2006 and Brisbane RNA he was awarded a second and a fifth ribbon. Quarry is at present working with selected females in our herd and his progeny has fulfilled our expectations.


                                               Wingfield Prentice (S) V1385988M 

                      Garthowen Cameron 2 (D) KAD94685M D5  

                                               Garthowen Vanessa (D) KAD88525F

            Sire: Garthowen Farnham 2 (S) KAD97768M D5  

                                                 Wingfield Prentice (S) V1385988M D5

                                      Garthowen Xingu (P) KAD90588F D5 

                                                  Garthowen Quaff (P) KAD83375F D5


                                                  Greenacres Juilien (D) T7R811055M D4

                                        Wingfield Krypton (P) V1390334M D5

                                                   Wingfield Kia-Ora (P) V1379610F D4

            Dam: Truvalle Tafia X (P) LN89982735F D5

                                                    Swan 576 (P) SHK87576M D5

                                        Truvalle Tafia VII (P) LN8932429F

                                                    Truvalle Tafia IV (P) LN8891941F D5