Truvalle Lawrence




Birth Date  28/08/1998

Brand :LN8 2716  (D)  PB

Truvalle Lawrence bred and reared at The Valley, is a son of Wingfield Krypton. Used mainly with our Commercial herd, Truvalle Lawrence has passed on many of the attributes of his sire. He has good Breedplan figures and gives his progeny a good start in this area.

Going back to Valley Eden on his Dam's side, gives Truvalle Lawrence some of the attributes of that great sire.

He is still active in the herd


                                           Greenacres A Ely (S)  61R80905M  D4   

                             Greenacres Juilien  (D)  T7R811055M  D4

                                                                      Greenacres Primrose  (H)  T7R67108F  D3

   Sire:Wingfield Krypton  (P)  V1390334M  D5

                                                                       Strathfield Monarch  (P)  NPD73999M  D5

                                                  Wingfield Kia-Ora  (P)  V1379610F  D4 

                                                                            Wingfield Calamity  (P) V1373218F  D3 


                                                                              Valley Navigator  (P)  SIS79620M  D5

                                                     Valley Eden  (P)  SIS82804M  D5

                                                                                Valley  594  (P)  SIS77594F  D4

     Dam: Truvalle Velda  VI  (D)  LN8912164F  D5

                                                                    Billabong Yandies  (H)    D5

                                                     Truvalle Velda  VI  (D)   LN8851355F  D5

                                                                               Truvalle Rosa  (P)  LN88221002F  D5