Truvalle Justice




Birth Date  20/09/1996

Brand:  LN8 2594  (D)  D4


Truvalle Justice bred and reared at The Valley is a son of Wingfield Krypton. Truvalle Justice was another of our successful show bulls:  

                            1997 Reserve Calf Champion; Bundaberg Droughtmaster Feature Show

  Junior Champion;  Toogoolawah

                1998 Grand Champion Droughtmaster; Gatton Futurity Show.

        Junior and Grand Champion Droughtmaster; Gympie. 

                                                                        We have retained Semen from Justice for within-herd use.                                                           



                                           Greenacres A Ely (S)  61R80905M  D4   

                             Greenacres Juilien  (D)  T7R811055M  D4

                                                                        Greenacres Primrose  (H)  T7R67108F  D3

     Sire:Wingfield Krypton  (P)  V1390334M  D5

                                                                       Strathfield Monarch  (P)  NPD73999M  D5

                                                     Wingfield Kia-Ora  (P)  V1379610F  D4 

                                                                            Wingfield Calamity  (P) V1373218F  D3 


                                                                             Cribrum Andrew 2  (P)  CPD832M  D5

                                                     Truvalle 1703  (D)  LN8881703M  D5

                                                                                    Valley  594  (P)  SIS77594F  D4

       Dam: Truvalle Mgpie III  (D)  LN8932412F  D3

                                                                   Valley Eden  (P)  SIS82804M  D5

                                                     Truvalle Magpie II  (D)  LN8912114F  D2

                                                                                    Truvalle Magpie  (D)    D1