Truvalle Rich




Birth Date  23/08/04

Brand:  LN8 3322  


Grade: D4

Weight on 12/9/08 1046kg, Teeth 8,  Scrotal Circumference 43cm.  Semen Motility 75 

P8 12,  Rib 8,  EMA 130

                     Marbling                     Tenderness                Feed Efficiency

 With good conformation, and tidy lines, this Truvalle bull from the

Huntly Circus/Minlacowie Tyson line, has calves on the ground  

showing promising traits from both his sire and 

   Truvalle Roma /Woodbine S210 on the Dam’s side.

Sold to: Fernie Cattle Company at The National Droughtmaster Sale Rockhampton.

September 2008



                                      Minlacowie Tyson (S) SSD891365M  D5

                          Billabong G/5/1  283  (P)  7HX95283M  D5

                                                                   Billabong 1565  (P)  7HX861565F  D5

           SIRE:  Huntly Circus  (D)  B2M01302M  D5

                                                                  Jasanda Comanche  (P)  (A1)  QA59239M  D5

                                             Huntly Zamia  (P) B2M97126F  D5 

                                                                   Huntly Red Head  (D) B2M89806F  D5


                                                                       Motivation Alvis  (P)  MVA9128M  D5

                                               Woodbine S210  (P)  WB394210M  D3

                                                                        Wooodbine 232  (T)  (H)  WB391232F  D2

        Dam: Truvalle Roma  16th.  (P)  LN8002803F  D3  

                                                               Herd Bull

                                                Truvalle Roma 14th.  (P)  LN8962558F  D2

                                                                          Truvalle Roma  V  (D)  LN8902089F  D5