Huntly Circus



    Birth Date  19/10/00

        Brand:B2M 302  (D)  Purebred


Huntly Circus was purchased in 2002 at the National Droughtmaster Bull & Female Sale, in Rockhampton.

He has the scale, length,  correct structure and muscling that we look for in our Stud Sires.

Greenacres Juilien is in his Sire's genetics and Jasanda Comanche and Minlacowie Moses in his Dam's.

He was a prolific sire and is a herd improver. 

   Marbling   Tenderness   Feed Efficiency


                                 Greenacres Juilien (D) T7R811055M D4   

                      Minlacowie Tyson (S) SSD891365M D5

                                                            Wingfield Tivoli 2nd. (P) V1384949F D5

  Sire: Billabong G/5/1  283 (P)    7HX95283M  D5

                                                              Billabong Alert (P)  7HX771144M  D5

                                       Billabong  1565  (P) 7HX861565F  D5 

                                                               Billabong Elise  (H)  7HX831437F D5


                                                                Minlacowie Moses  (P)  SSD82584M  D5

                                         Jasanda Comanche  (P)  (AI)    QA59239M  D5

                                                                  Alcheringa  31/7  (P)   HOH8731F  D5

    Dam: Huntly Zamia  (P)  B2M97126F  D5

                                                                    Pine Valley  988  (P)  PVC84988M  D5

                                           Huntly Red Head  (D)  B2M89806F  D5

                                                                     Huntly Needle  (H)  B2M86695F  D5