Garthowen Farnham 2



Date of Birth:  10/09/97

          Brand:    KAD 768  (Sc)  PB


Purchased at Rockhampton Droughtmaster Sale September 1999, for $23.000,

Garthowen Farnham 2 had the length, correct structure, fullness behind the shoulders 

and depth of hindquarter we were looking for in a Stud Sire.

Garthowen Farnham 2 with the genetics of Wingfield Prentice

 in both his Sire and Dam has proven to be a prolific sire

and a herd improver. 

  Marbling   Tenderness  Feed Efficiency




                                       Greenacres Juilien (D) T7R811055M D4   

                           Wingfield Prentice (S) V1385988M D5

                                                                      Wingfield Peace (P) V1383841F D5

     Sire: Garthowen Cameron 2 (D) KAD94685M D5  

                                                               Par-Deux-Park Famechon (P) CTH 84292M D5

                                                Garthowen Vanessa (D) KAD88525F D5 

                                                                    Garthowen Sarah (D) KAD85445F D5


                                                                       Greenacres Juilien (D) T7R811055M D4

                                                   Wingfield Pretice (S) V1385988M D5

                                                                         Wingfield Peace (P) V1383841F D5

      Dam: Garthowen Xingu (P) KAD90588F D5

                                                                          Kirknie 9/588 (P) 7UT78588M D4

                                                   Garthowen Quaff (P) KAD83375F D5

                                                                          Garthowen Karon (H) KAD77188F D4