Throughout the year, Truvalle has quality females for sale. All females selected for the sales below are vet-checked, inoculated with 7 in 1,  3 Germ, Botulism, Pompes Tested J-Bas7. Horn/Poll and Sire Trace verified. Pestigard & PI tested negative. Have been worked mainly by horses and the Quad. 


Our females are reared on light sandy loam Lantana country in the Tick area between Blackbutt and Crows Nest, and are supplemented with high roughage rations. 




Saturday 14th. March, 2020. Gympie Saleyards.

9.30am. Start.



Three Unjoined Heifers

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Lots:Lot 117 Lot.118 Lot 119 


Three Joined Heifers

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Lots:  Lot 30 Lot 29 Lot 28 


These six Heifers Sired By:

 Talgai Apache


Lorandale Halo (P)


Oakmore Olivier (P)


Billabong Everest 7739 (P)


Lot 30 Truvalle Tamara 61st (P) LN8 184440F


 Lot 30

Truvalle Tamara 61st. (PH) D5 Depastured with Truvalle Decal(PP) Her Dam Truvalle Tamara 46th (SC) D5



Lot 29 Truvalle Define 3rd.(S) LN8 184434F

Lot 29 Truvalle Define 3rd. (SC) D4

Depastured with Truvalle Decal (PP)(PB)(Son of Talgai Apache (PP)(PB). Her dam by Lorandale Halo has produced a bull,  then Define.


Lot 28 Truvalle Tamara 60th. (P) LN8 184430F

 LOT 28 Truvalle Tamara 60th. by Lorandale Halo has been depastured with Truvalle Decal (PP) (PB) (Son of Talgai Apache) from 5/10/2019. Her Dam , by Talgai Apache has produced 4430 & now another Heifer. J.BAS7. Horn/Poll and Sire trace verified.


Lot 117 Truvalle Tamara 66th. (P) LN8194528F


Lot.117  Truvalle Tamara 66th (PP)

Sire: Oakmore Olivier (P) D5     Dam: Truvalle Tamara 42nd (P) (D5)

Her Dam to date has produced a calf a year all Heifers, all Polled and all with good temperaments.


LOT 118 Truvalle Tahsil 58th.(P) LN8194526F

Lot 118  Truvalle Tahsil 58th (PH) D5

Sire: Billabong Everest 7739 (P) D5    Dam: Truvalle Tahsil 32nd (P) D5

Her Dam has produced five Heifers including this Heifer, three of which have been retained in the herd, two sold and one Bull.


Lot 119 Truvalle Template 31st. LN8194492F (P)

Lot 119 Truvalle Template 31st. (PH) D5

Sire: Talgai Apache (P) D5         Dam: Truvalle Template 21st.(S) D5

Her Dam by Minlacowie Montego 5964, her blood line contain Billabong Huntly, Wingfield, and Alma.

Her Dam produced three Heifers and a Bull (mostly polled) one heifer retained in the herd, the second heifer sold.