Truvalle Dispersal Sale

Incorporated into Cream of The Crop Sale

28th of November 2020

Coolabunia Sales Complex



All Sold


Lot 31  Truvalle Rosa 49th. (P) LN8154301F D5


Lot 32 Truvalle Template 23rd (P) LN8154280F D5


Lot 33 Truvalle Tamara 51st (S) LN8154289F D5


Lot 34 Truvalle Valeda 14th. (S) LN8154300f D5


Lot 35 Truvalle Tahsil 46th. (P) LN8154299F D5


Lot 36 Truvalle Define 2nd (P) LN8154302F D3


LOT 37 Truvalle Olivia XI (P) LN8154284F D4


Lot 38 Truvalle Roanna 58th. (P) LN8154257F D5


Lot 39 Truvalle Lynelle 30th. (P) LN8154256F D5


Lot 40 Truvalle Tahsil 49th. (P) LN88164349F D5


Lot 41 Truvalle Tahsil 47th. (S) LN8 164318F D5


Lot 42 Truvalle Magpie 18th. (P) LN8164321F D5


Lot 43 Truvalle Valentine II (S) LN8164338 D5


Lot 44 Truvalle Roanna 61st. (P) LN8164339F D5


Lot 45 Truvalle Chelsea 1st (P) LN8164331F D5


Lot 46 Truvalle Magpie 19th (H) LN8174409F D5


Lot 47 Truvalle Template 26th.(P) LN8174411F D5


Lot 48 Truvalle Tamara 58th.(S) LN8174402F D5


Lot 49 Truvalle Roanna 68th (P) LN8174407F D5


Lot 50 Truvalle Chelsea 2nd. (H) LN8174410F D5


Lot 51 Truvalle Fusan 61st. (P) LN8174401F D5


Lot 52 Truvalle Lynelle 35th. (P) LN8184426F D5


Lot 53 Truvalle Rosa 53rd. (P) LN8184424F D5


Lot 54 Truvalle Fusan 63rd (P) LN8184448F D5


Lot 55 3D Kayda (P) 3DS17149F D5


Lot 56 Truvalle Celine 3rd (P) LN8184463F D5


Lot 57 Truvalle Fusan 64th. (P) LN8184466F D5


Lot 58 Truvalle Magpie 20th. (S) LN8184459F D5


Lot 59 Truvalle Template 27th. (S) LN8184446F D5


Lot 60 Truvalle Template 29th. (S) LN8184470F D5


Lot 61 Truvalle Renita 26th.(P) LN8184428F D5


Lot 62 Truvalle Roanna 72nd (P) LN8194496F D5


Lot 63 Truvalle Roanna71st. (S) LN8194485F D5


Lot 64 Truvalle Tamara 65th. (P) LN8 194490F D5


Lot 65 Truvalle Tamara 64th. (S) LN8194483F D5


Lot 66 Truvalle Nora 21st (S) LN8194501F D5


Lot 67 Truvalle Tahsil 55th (P) LN8194494F D5


Lot 68 Truvalle Tahsil 57th. (S) LN8194522F D5


Lot 69 Truvalle Fusan 66th.(P) LN8194523F D5


Lot 70 Truvalle Roanna 73rd (S) LN81945095F D5


Lot 71 Truvalle 4524 (S) LN8194524F D5


Lot 72 Truvalle Valeda 16th. (P) LN8184436F D5


Lot 73 Truvalle Nora 14th.(H) LN8144199F D5


Lot 74 Truvalle Template 21st. (S) LN8144201F D5


Lot 75 Truvalle Roanna 56th (P) LN8144221F D5


Lot 76 Truvalle Tahsil 44th (S) LN8144226F D5


Lot 77 Truvalle Tamara 42nd (P) LN8144227F D5


Lot 78 Truvalle Roanna 57th (P) LN8144233F D5


Lot 79 Truvalle Fusan 50th. (P) LN8144244F D5


Lot 80 Truvalle Olivia X (P) LN8144245F D5


Lot 81 Truvalle Velda 43rd (P) LN8134144F D5


Lot 82 Truvalle Fusan 46th (P) LN8134143F D5


Lot 83 Truvalle Lynelle 28th.(P) LN8134148F D5


Lot 84 Truvalle Roanna 53rd (P) LN8134138F D5


Lot 85 Truvalle Magpie 17th.(P) LN8134156F D5


Lot 86 Truvalle Racy 37th (H) LN8134168F D5


Lot 87 Truvalle Tamara 36th. (P) LN8124096F D5


Lot 88 Truvalle Template 20th (D) LN8124099F D5


Lot 89 Truvalle Fusan 43rd (P) LN8114007 D5


Lot 90 Truvalle Fusan 39th (S) LN8103863F D5


Lot 91 Truvalle Lynelle 14th (P) LN8093749F D4


Lot 92 Truvalle Roanna 38th (P) LN8093813F D5


Lot 93 Truvalle Nora 12th (D) LN80937305 D5



 Lot 95 Billabong Everest 7739 (P) 7HX157739M D5

Video with cows


Lot 98 Yellowwood Pache (P) (AI) 6YW18330M D5



Lot 99 Truvalle Define 4th (P) LN8204541F D4


Lot 100 Truvalle Rosa 55th (S) LN8204544F D5


Lot 101 Truvalle Tahsil 61st (H) LN8204538F D5


Lot 102 Truvalle Roanna 76th (S) LN8204570F D5


Lot 103 Truvalle Chelsea 4th (S) LN8204575F D5


Lot 104 Truvalle Velda 50th (S) LN8204548F D5


Lot 105 Truvalle 4535 (H) LN8204535F D5



Lot 106 Truvalle Gunther (P) LN8204539M D4


Lot 107 Truvalle Gunbar (P) LN8204579M D5


Lot 108 Truvalle Gaza (H) LN8204536M D5


Lot 109 Truvalle Gomez (S) LN8204543M D5


Lot 110 Truvalle Garup (S) LN8204557M D5


Lot 111 Truvalle Guru (S) LN8204568M D5


Lot 112 Truvalle Gilbert (S) LN8204567M D5



Video Kurrajong Mob


Video Yearling Bulls