Truvalle Karl




Birth Date  30/07/97

Brand:  LN8 2655  


Truvalle Karl, a Wingfield Krypton progeny, was the best of the draft when sold to Graham Bischoff and family in 1999. Graham used him successfully in his breeding program until we bought him back to The Valley in 2004. Prior to his sale to the Bischoff family he was known to us as "Pete’s Pet" as he was exactly that, Peter’s pet, as he had a naturally good temperament passed on by his sire.

He is noted for his length, good muscling, tidy tail set, plenty of length between hip and pin, good width through the stifle area, and good muscle to bone ratio.

Unfortunately we could only use him for a season or two as he badly injured his hind leg.



                                        Greenacres A Ely (S) 6IR80905M  D4

                            Greenacres Juilien (D) T7R811055M D4

                                                                      Greenacres Primrose  (H) T7R67108F  D3

           SIRE:  Wingfield Krypton (P)V1390334M D5

                                                                       Strathfield Monarch (P) NPD73999M D5

                                                   Wingfield Kia-Ora (P) V1379610F  D4 

                                                                       Wingfield Calamity (P) V1373218F  D3


                                                                          Cribrum Andrew 2 (P) CPD832M  D5

                                                   Truvalle 1703  (D)  LN8881703M D5

                                                                           Truvalle Rusticate  (P)  LN8821005F  D5

        Dam: Truvalle Trendy V  (D) LN8932375F D5  

                                                                  Valley Eden (P) SIS82804M  D5

                                                    Truvalle Trendy IV  (P)  LN8902013F  D5

                                                                              Truvalle Trendy (D)  LN884311F  D5