Sire Reference


Talgai Apache  (P) Purebred    JAV021553M



Birth Date  28/12/2002

Brand :   JAV 1553  

    Marbling                                 Tenderness                                  Feed Efficiency


Talgai Apache was purchased for $25,000 in 2005 at the National Droughtmaster Bull Sale in Rockhampton.

We selected him for his overall correctness, his tidy tail setting, his adequate muscle to bone ratio, and his good temperament.

His Breedplan figures at the sale were....200-Day Weight..+9; 400-Day Weight..+13; 600-Day Weight..+17.  Apache scanned P8... 11, Rib... 7, and an EMA of



                                                     Valley Imperial (P) D5   

                                       Cungelella Dawson (P) D5

                                                                                            Cungelella 51/0 (P) D4

            Sire: Talgai Impact 951 (S) D5 JAV9995 1M

                                                                                            Greenacres A Dorion (P) D5

                                                                   Talgai 255 (P) D5 

                                                                                             Arvale 767 (D) D5


                                                                                             Wingfield Boris (P) (AI) D5

                                                                     Wingfield Eisenhower (P) D5

                                                                                               Wingfield Emita (H) D5

            Dam: Talgai 940 (P) DJ5AV99940F

                                                                                                Greenacres A Dorion (P) D5

                                                                      Talgai 505 (D) D5

                                                                                                 Talgai 197 (S) D5