Throughout the year, Truvalle has quality females for sale. All females selected for the sales below are vet-checked, inoculated with 7 in 1,  3 Germ,Pestigard & PI tested negative. Have been worked mainly by horses and occasionally the Quad. 


Our females are reared on light sandy loam country, and are supplemented with high roughage rations. 




Saturday 9th. March, 2019. Gympie Saleyards.

9.30am. Start.



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Video Seven Heifers for Gympie


Seven Unjoined Heifers

click on Lot numbers for Photos & ABRI Pedigree


Lots:  52   53  54  55


56  57  58 


These Seven Heifers Sired By:

 Talgai Apache


Lorandale Halo


Oakmore Olivier


Lot 52. Truvalle Roanna 69th. Has Oakmore Olivier  as her Sire and is a polled Heifer. Her Dam Truvalle Roanna 58th. is out of Roanna X (LN8012904F) who was one of our most prolific breeders giveing us a calf a year and producing 6 bulls & 9 heifers for in herd use and they are polled.


Lot 52 Truvalle Roanna 69th.  LN8184449F (P)


Lot 53 Truvalle Tamara 63rd. is by Talgai Apache and her Dam, Truvalle Tamara 36th. is a polled female who has produced 2 bulls and 2 heifers. One of her bulls sold in 2016 for $4500.



Truvalle Tamara 63rd. LN8184472F (S)

Lot 54.  Truvalle Lyn 2nd. has Loandale Halo as her Sire and her Dam Truvalle Lyn is out of Cedar View Jitterbug. Truvalle Lyn 2nd. is a polled Heifer and is Lyn's first calf.


Lot 55 Truvalle Tamara 62nd. is by Oakmore Olivier and is Polled. Her Dam Truvalle Tamara 42nd. has produced 3 Heifers and all are Polled . We have retained one of her heifers in the herd. Tamara 42nd's sire is Talgai Apache who worked in the herd for 14 years.




Lot 56 Truvalle Roma 50th. has as her sire the prolific Talgai Apache . She is a Polled Heifer. Her Dam, Truvalle Roma 47th. has produced 2 Heifers and 2 Bulls and all but one is polled Truvalle Chillie, one of her bulls sold for $6500 in 2017.


Lot 57 Truvalle Nora 20th. is by lorandale Halo and is polled. Lorandale is a strong polled sire and has passed down this trait to his podgeny. The Dam of Truvalle Nora 20th. Truvalle Nora 28th has produced 5 Heifers and 2 Bulls. Two of her females have remained in the herd.


Lot 58 Truvalle Lynelle 35th. has Lorandale Halo as her Sire and is Polled. Her Dam Truvalle Lynelle 28th. has produced 3 Heifers and all are Polled.


Truvalle Lynelle 35th. LN8184426F