Throughout the year, Truvalle has quality bulls for sale. All bulls are paddock prepared in light sandy loam country. They also have been fed a small supplementary ration of Riverina pelletsand have been worked using both horses and bikes.


Before the Sales the bulls will be Veterinary checked and scanned. The vaccinations they have been given are for 3 Germ Blood, Ephemeral Fever, 7 in 1, Pestigard and Botulism.



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Video: DN Boys Chilling


Video of Talgai Apache taken mid 2013






Rockhampton  11th. & 12th. September 2018




Lots 336 to 340   &  581  to  583



Lot 336 Truvalle Denham LN8174415M (P) PB

DOB. 19/07/16  Sire Talgai Apache (P) D5. Dam LN8093749F.(P) D4


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Lot 337 Truvalle Direct LN8174408M (S) PB

DOB. 04/08/16  Sire Talgai Apache (P) D5. Dam LN8 022979F.(P) D5


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Lot 338 Truvalle Dalkeith LN8174406M (H) PB

DOB. 10/08/16 Sire Talgai Apache (P) D5. Dam LN8124072F (P) D4

All the otherprodgeny produced by the Dam of Truvalle Dalkeith have been polled.

She has produced 2 bulls and 2 females.  Her bull last year sold for $6500.


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Lot 339 Truvalle Duke LN8174382M (S) PB.

DOB. 20/11/16 Sire Lorandale Halo (P) PB

Dam LN8 103919F (P) PB


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Lot 340 Truvalle Deign LN8174413M (S) PB

DOB. 21/08/16   Sire Talgai Apache Dam LN8103863F (S) D5


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Lot 581 Truvalle Devlin LN8174393M (S) PB

DOB. 30/10/16   Sire  Lorandale Halo Dam LN8144226F (S) D5


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Lot 582 Truvalle Durack LN8174399M (H) PB

DOB. 14/09/16  Sire Talgai Apache   Dam LN8063385F (D) D5


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Lot 583 Truvalle Durant LN8174380M (P) PB

DOB. 10/09/16   Sire Lorandale Halo    Dam LN8144245F (P) D5


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